Air-Condition is an integral part of homes and offices. At times when the sun becomes unfriendly, most of installed cooling systems cease to work. So, save money by spending it. When an air conditioning unit stop performing properly, it produces less cooling, but consumes more electricity. Hence, it is both heavy on pocket and mind.

So, don’t think twice to hire our services. Let our specialized, qualified, and seasoned air-conditioner technicians maintain, upgrade, and repair air-conditioner properly to let you relish fresh breeze without wasting hard-earned wealth.

AC repair / installation is a complicated process: an inexperienced hand may spoil the charm of it. For reliable on-call service, contact Technoman MEP (Pvt) Limited, the best AC technician company in Rawalpindi and Islamabad vicinity. Our 24/7 available efficient staff is tight on work, but light on your purse.

AC Technician Services

AC Checkup and Basic Servicing
AC Gas Charge
AC Water Drop Solution
AC Installation / Shifting Service
AC Compressor Fitting
AC Capacitor Replacement
Ducts for Central Air Condition Unit
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