Houses are built once in a lifetime. However, many living places are constructed for a style of living that won’t match modern requirements or don’t meet needs of the occupants. A brick-house is only a home when you add a personal touch to it. Therefore, Technoman MEP (Pvt) Limited work with a variety of architects and surveyors coupled with interior designers and expert craftsmen to turn old structures into something that are fit for modern living.

We service the smallest residential projects to the largest commercial projects. With the help of our staff, equipment, and machinery we will design, coordinate and implement all the parts of your project according to your needs.

Renovation can be an extensive and time consuming project. However, our experience and commitment assist us evaluate your project and come up with time and cost saving solutions.

Shed your worries and stop your search for the desired task: ring up Technoman team, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Renovation services include:

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
Laying Tiles and Marble on Floor and Walls
All stages of Flooring (except for carpeting)
Complete Remodeling
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